Have you been at the same job without a raise... in way... too... long?

Are you overworked? Underpaid? But out of options?

Are you thinking of jumping ship to entreprenuership, but not even sure where to start?

STOP listening to the boss that told you you will never be worth more.

STOP listening to the little voice inside your head that says asking for a raise means you'll be fired.

STOP killing yourself in the office for someone else's dream!

Raise YOUR Bar

Learn how to set yourself up for success in the office

Learn how to speak with confidence about your duties

Learn how to negotiate a higher salary... or even a promotion!

Raise your standing in the office and your standing in your mind TODAY.


Beauty and a Boss

Hello! I'm Ashley

Owner of Beauty and a Boss

I am a corporate compensation and career consultant, intelligence advocate, real estate investor, powerlifter, and puppy mom to the wonderful majestic Merlin. I have lived on both US coasts, started a real estate and insurance business from the ground up, moved through the corporate ranks at Fortune 500 companies in big pharma, big tech, and big finance like a shark after blood.

Through my life, I have encountered workplace harassment, discrimination, and prejudice. All of these situations required me to grow; not only as a person but as a business woman – to learn the ins and out of the industries I was serving (male dominated to say the least), to learn how to be the best, how to overcome, and how to beat the system.

I am here to get REAL.

I am here to teach you the ways to beat the corporate system.

Raise YOUR Bar.

You deserve it!

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